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Watershed Kitchens Remodeling

Watershed Kitchens Remodeling

Watersheds | Kitchens Remodeling exists at different geographic scales, from a small backyard puddle to the Mississippi River watershed, which drains parts of 33 states. The EPA’s healthy watersheds activities focus on the lower, local, streams and rivers that feed into the larger ones.

Open cubbies store cookbooks and heirloom ceramics in this kitchen designed around the homeowners’ blue midcentury serve-ware collection. The kitchen also includes wood shelving on the wall to display plates and drinkware.


Watershed Fine Furniture is a custom cabinetry shop that can provide everything from stand-alone accent pieces to large functional items. They create kitchen cabinets, vanities, wardrobes and built-in storage units to fit your home’s unique style.

Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo didn’t plan to open a restaurant with their distillery when they started Watershed nine years ago. But this off-the-beaten-path eatery is a gem: Its team of executive chef Jack Moore and cocktail creator Alex Chien offers sophisticated, Midwestern seasonal dishes in an intimate space with excellent service. It’s a model for other craft-focused restaurants.


The Watershed team is here to help you build the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you need a complete tear out or just a few cabinet updates, the builders at Watershed will do whatever it takes to get your kitchen looking perfect.

Discover Techlam, a revolutionary material that takes your countertops to a whole new level. Create a beautiful and durable surface that will inspire your love for cooking.

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From full-service outdoor kitchens with brick ovens to cozy cabanas that incorporate a fire bowl, we can design and build the ultimate outdoor living space that will perfectly complement your lifestyle at Watershed.

Located in Laurel, Maryland, Watershed offers next-level living in a standout community near Fort Meade and commuter routes to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Here, each day is a chance for refreshing discovery. From stunning townhomes to lush backyards, there is something for everyone at Watershed.


Whether your kitchen is a complete overhaul or just a few cabinet updates, the builders at Watershed will ensure your new space looks exactly how you imagined. Their team handles everything from big tear outs to the smallest details in your cabinetry.

Tucked away in an industrial park, Watershed may be difficult to find, but the speakeasy-like eatery is well worth the hunt. Executive chef Jack Moore (who worked in Cleveland for years) has built a menu that suggests he has a worldly palate, and the operations here demonstrate a level of grace that rivals some of the best white-tablecloth restaurants. Despite a cocktail menu that resembles a yearbook, the drink options are spot on. The Aperol Spritz ($9), for example, delivers the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Ham, Clams & Taters ($16) is another must-try dish; diced red potatoes come with clams in a puddle of cream that tastes like ice cream. The addition of country ham gives the dish an additional depth that makes it unique to this restaurant.


Whether you need a complete kitchen remodel or a minor cabinet update, Watershed can help you make your dream home a reality. They work with top manufacturers to ensure your new floor, countertops, and cabinets match perfectly.

The Quaker Brook/Haviland Hollow watershed is so clean that it’s used as a standard for testing city drinking water. And while conservationists have protected the land from untoward development, they still need state and federal money to continue their efforts.

Watershed brings next-level living to Laurel, MD with standout amenities throughout the community and endless acres of scenic views just beyond your front door. In this neighborhood, each day has the potential for a refreshing discovery.

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